Wednesday, 6 April 2016



Hi all. I've so neglected this blog, I'm a waste of space, honestly....Anyway, I'm giving up on social media for, I don't know how long. I've found it's been a distraction & all I'm seeing at the moment is negative posts. It's funny, since I've made that decision, I've found my love for writing again. I'll be honest, I think that's because I'm doing it for selfish as that sounds, BUT it's how I began. I don't feel the pressure of promoting and putting myself out there. If folk like what I write, well then brilliant, but I don't to force it upon people. I think actually, I'll use this blog to post my writing on again & if you like it, well then, please share it, but in the end, I'm sorry, but I'm posting it cos well, I like it. Haha!!

Tonight I wrote my first piece of poetry in a long time & well, here it is...Hope you like it.

Love ya loads,

Mandie (aka A J Walters) xxx

The Gift

Walking into our room, I look, I search.
Seeing linen and furniture on which you perch
Closing my eyes tight, I try to blank out
The memories I have of all that’s about

An energy radiates, echoes from the wall
It’s one that has caused me to drastically fall
Clasping at my heart, I feel every beat
Pumping, moving, fighting, creating heat

Never did you ever make me feel worth it
Not one moment did your words ever benefit
Shutting my mind, I try to push away
Hurtful sounds, a voice pretending to portrait

You were good, you were the master
I shall not carry the weighting guilt that fester
You were clever, but you were oh so wrong
Those you damaged, betrayed deserve to belong

We are here, we are living the life we want
Travelling a road to success, without a front
It’s real, it’s now, the future, we will live
We have us, we can take and we can give

Despite all that has happened, I laugh out loud
I have so much of which to be proud
You have not won, we glow and we will show
Strange as it seems, our new life you bestow

(C) A J Walters, 2016

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