Wednesday, 1 April 2015

All Women Are Beautiful

It's Wednesday and I am having a night off from writing...or am I? I guess this blog post could be classed as writing.
As from 3.30pm tomorrow, I will be officially off work for 2 weeks. Yes, it's the Easter school holidays! It should hopefully be a time where I can spend more time with my sons and force my mind to think about anything other than work...So I have started early and been thinking more about my poetry and new novel.
However tonight, I've done some research and actually sat to watch a film...A classic in 'Pretty Woman' on BBC3. Watching it then brought my mind back to my character of Isabel, the main female character in The Attraction Series. She's not a working girl, but still saw herself as being 'different' at some point due to her being. "Plus-Size".

This did lead me to write this excerpt....

"It's just after 1pm and I still haven't found the perfect outfit. Even with Cambridge prices I have enough money, but unfortunately not the right body type for the small independent boutiques that lie in the side streets. I have so many scenes from Pretty Woman running through my head. Different circumstances obviously, but the same sentimental reasons; I'm different and no model."

In the end though, Marc helps to make her feel confident in herself. Love her body and to love herself. -
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