Friday, 13 February 2015

New Poem - Soaring (FSOG Theme)




I’ve often dreamed
Of soaring in the air
Constantly searching

Not really knowing where
At the ends of rainbows
Or far ends of the earth
Sharing a moment
Of wondrous mirth
Feeling safe
Strapped in tight
His reassuring smile
Before taking flight
All nerves are gone
As we begin to move
Heading on upwards
I have something to prove
The sun is rising
Dawn of a new day
With a man of many shades
I’m being swept away
Fears should erupt
With emotions running high
But all is forgotten
As we reach the sky
The burnt orange ball
Is now within grasp
As we roll and turn
My hands grip and clasp
This moment is right
The magic is true
As I think to myself
I only want you

(c) A J Walters, 2015

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