Wednesday, 28 January 2015

***NEW POEM*** - My Lovers Song (FSOG Theme)

***NEW POEM***

I was in the mood to write this new FSOG poem. I hope you like it. <3

What is it I hear,
That echoes around me?
A mystical sound,
Only the mind can see.
The piercing notes,
Reverberate within.
My naked form,
Tingling deep and on skin.
Its solemn sound,
Rushing throughout.
Every chord and chorus,
Is heartfelt no doubt.
As I enter the space,
So vast and wide.
There is nowhere inside,
To flee or hide.
Each key that’s struck,
Keeps pulling me along.
Towards my lover,
Creating his song.
His exposed flesh,
Baring the soul.
To a life once lived,
That has taken its toll.
Nearing him still,
No words are spoken.
The air says it all,
Not shall it be broken.

(c) A J Walters, 2015


Monday, 26 January 2015

New #FSOG Poem - Elevator scene

Come take my hand,
And I’ll show you the way.
Roads may be dark,
But never will I betray.
A man may be I,
Who commands, demands and more.
For you belong to me,
Begging, kneeling before.
I’ll tie your straps tight,
Right your dress sleeve.
Take care of you forever,
More than others believe.

I may have the paperwork,
But do I really need.
For you to sign the line,
In order for me to feed.

As the doors open,
Greed takes over me.
As innocently you stand,
For only me to see.
Never ever will I.
Love a woman as much as you.
Feelings that were lost,
Are now with you and true.
© A J Walters. 2015

New book, new Poem - New Beginnings (26.01.15)

I'll be taking some time out to concentrate on the writing. My first project is another poetry book, which will include some FSOG themed poetry, as well as some new writings.

Below is a teaser.....

Take care, AJ xxx


New Fifty Shades edit - poem

Thank you so much to Maike @ Happy Naila Edits for this wonderful picture to go with my poem.

AJ xxx

Saturday, 17 January 2015

NEW POEM - Ana's Poem (The Red Room)

*****NEW POEM*****

Ladies over on my Fan Page on Facebook have been invited to post pictures for me to write poems to. This is the first one, thanks to Jessica Andraschko. Below is her picture & my poem. I couldn't help theme it on FSOG again! It's titled...'Ana's Poem (The Red Room)'
Never did I think
A drawer of treasure
Of toys so dark
Would bring me pleasure
Strong rope to bind
Silk mask a cover
A few that's owned
By my lover

Fingers they skim
Daring to touch
Fear slowly rises
As I want it much
Breath it hitches
Looking to the wall
The wooden cross
Majestic, enthrall

His body, his heat
Is felt close behind
Watching me sternly
I can't read his mind
Biting my lip
I tempt and tease
As Christian says
I aim to please

(c) A J Walters, 2015

Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Readers - Worldwide

Happy weekend all.

Well An Enrapturing Attraction has been out a for 6 days & I'm so pleased to read about so many of you enjoying it...especially the bad boy that is Christian Wilson.

He is a complete contrast to his step-brother, Marc Sanders, which helps to balance out the series. Despite their differences, both are incredibly attractive and treat women with the most utmost respect.

 I've been amazed to see how An Acute Attraction and A Constant Attraction are now being read by new readers. An Acute Attraction entered the bestsellers chart in Canada this week & it has also been traveling up the charts in Australia and the UK.

Another common piece of feedback I've been getting is how much they're enjoying reading about the female characters Isabel Chambers & Hannah Marshall. Both are strong, independent woman who have lived life and can easily look after themselves. Isabel having gone through a rough marriage, divorce, being a larger lady and finding her feet again as a single mother...Hannah doesn't have to rely on a man for what she wants in life.
So, all of the characters I've written about have attributes so diverse that many can relate to them. However in there is the sense of fantasy and wanting, wishing.

Location and setting has also been an aspect readers have liked. Cambridge,UK and the surrounding area's have been a change in pace that they've really enjoyed. My writing has been described as very descriptive, so readers have been able to envision it more.

I would love for a publisher to take an interest in my books, like any author, so I hope with the support and feedback from you guys and others, my dream may come true.

Anyway, don't take my word for it...please take a look at the reviews on the links below & I hope The Attraction Series is something that many other readers will enjoy reading.

AJ xxx

Links - An Acute Attraction & A Constant Attraction are on Sale for $0.99/99p. An Enrapturing Attraction is $2.99/£1.95 on Kindle!!


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Poem - Mine (Fifty Shades of Grey Tribute)

Tangled bodies,
Limbs entwined.
Heated moment,
There to remind.
What she has,
Is all she needs.
A man who loves her,
As he feeds.

Red satin sheets,
Binds they hold.
What's unseen,
Is yet to be told.
The music sings,
Dancing through.
A celestial song,
Heard by few.

Licking, tasting,
Wanting more.
Lustful thoughts,
Flood, out pour.
Biting, nipping,
Leaving marks.
Saying what's his,
Between the sparks.

Tired, sated,
Breathing hard.
No part of her,
Was he barred.
Limp, relaxed,
Smiling wide.
Sleeping exhausted,
By her side.

(c) A J Walters, 2015