Sunday, 2 August 2015


                    Hi and welcome to my new monthly update.

Well July has been quite a busy month. Having finished the school year, I was looking forward to the summer holidays to re-charge my batteries and also to get cracking on the new book, Wolves In The Woods.

If you've not heard or read about this upcoming crime, suspense, thriller well here's a brief outline. Wolves In The Woods is my first novel in this genre and I've been thoroughly enjoying getting into it. It is a stand alone novel, however the main character is Hannah Marshall who most readers would have met in my last book, An Enrapturing Attraction. Hannah has moved jobs and been promoted within the MET police in Cambridge, UK. Now a DCI, she is being challenged along with her new side kick Sergeant Daniel Trent, by having to hunt down a serial killer who is targeting young women. As in any case like this, there are many hurdles, twists and turns to be tackled by them both. Will the perpetrator tread a bit too close to Hannah's home life than she'd like?

Teaser Time......

Interviews and signing..... During the month I was asked if I'd like to do a couple of interviews. I said yes to both of these people for very different reasons.

Firstly, Mike Higginson of Authors of Passion Podcast has come up with a totally fabulous and unique way of helping authors to get exposure, but more importantly I thought, of helping readers get to know the author. He does this by interviewing us via Skype and publishing them on iTunes. It really is great! I'm not a fan of listening to my own voice, but I believe people can truly hear how you are saying what would be a written interview. You can check out my podcast interview Here.

In March 2016, I'll be attending the Leeds Author Signing 2016​ that is being hosted by the lovely ladies at Hourglass Events​. I'll be one of many fabulous authors who'll be there to meet fans, bloggers, readers and lovers of books, to sign our own books and basically have a tremendous time. For the lead up to the event, attending author Grace Harper​ has being interviewing each of us. Grace has a unique way of spotlighting us, which draws out and highlights things about us, some of which no-one knew before! :-D I really enjoyed it. You can take a look at my interview and spotlight Here

Tickets for the Leeds Author Event 2016​ are available now from - Here!

99cent/99p KINDLE OFFER!!!!

All three of the books in The Attraction series are on offer over on, Amazon UK,, as well as all other Amazon pages.


"An Acute Attraction by AJ Walters is a funny, sexy romance story with a tinge of mystery. You will like Isabel Chambers, the main female character and narrator of the story from the first page. She is working single mother in her late-thirties with a great sense of humor and a taste for sexy reads. Her meeting with the enigmatic Marc Sanders will make sparks fly around the University of Cambridge and leave her breathless on more than one occasion.

As the story develops, Marc’s past and a colleague avid for power and money become more and more threatening. We also learn a bit more about Isabel’s past and some of the reasons for her presence in Cambridge. It will be very interesting to read the next installment of this story as the first one ended on a major cliffhanger. Both characters are normal people with flaws. Isabel is not a model-like virgin and even though Marc looks perfect on the outside, he holds secrets that some people will go to great lengths to keep hidden. I hope we will get to know them more.

AJ Walters has an undeniable talent as a writer. The story has a very good flow and opens many subplots along the way, making it multidimensional and all the more interesting. I liked the way Isabel sometimes breaks the fourth wall to talk directly to the reader and the touches of humor that she puts throughout the story. It was a pleasure to discover how the story had evolved from a blog post to a complete novella in only a few weeks. I think we will see many great things from this author in the future and I wish her the best possible success."
- Edward A Stanbridge, Goodreads Review.


   5 STAR REVIEW.....   
"AJ Walters outshines in this why in my review

Learning a bit more about Dr. Emelie and her demented ways added quite an unexpected twist to this sequel. She was a sexy, well poised, evil character that suited this story quite well. Yet, I was left a bit shaken by the turn of events between Mr. and Mrs. Acerbi. The greed these two shared was unparalleled. Marc, on the other hand, was just dreamy!! What a hottie!! Isabel was absolutely charismatic. She gave a bit more insight into her darker days yet her overall, positive, head strong outlook of the experience made me admire her even more. In addition, I rather enjoyed how she took charge in her delicious encounters with Marc. It was quite a treat. Overall, I genuinely enjoyed this read. It was quite the roller coaster. My biggest disappointment is that it has come to an end. Or has it?? (wink, wink. nudge, nudge)"- Cris. Goodreads Review.


"So after reading books one and two in the Attraction Series, I can definitely say I was looking forward to getting my hands on and reading book three.
In An Enrapturing Attraction, we meet characters both old and new. This story begins in America where we meet Christian Wilson who is a bad boy turned good. He has been released from prison and is finding it hard re-entering the big wide world after being inside. His father, Edward Sanders, is trying to help him stay on the straight and narrow and wants him away from any temptations that could cause him to go back inside. Christian knows after all the problems he's caused in the past, he needs to prove to himself, his father and his stepbrother Marc Sanders, that he is a changed man. His father helps by organising him somewhere to go for a fresh start and a new beginning.

Hannah Marshall is an independent woman. She’s worked in the US for a couple of years; however, she is offered and takes a new job as detective inspector back in her home town in the UK. She is more than happy to return and be closer to her friends and family.
After meeting Christian in a bar, they spend a hot and rather steamy night together. Unbeknown to each other, they would be leaving for the same destination a few days later.

Quote: "Look at me, Hannah! I want you to watch everything I do to you and then you'll always remember."

Upon arriving in the UK, there paths cross again and the feelings these two have for one another start to blossom and most definitely heat up! But of course, as every fantastic book should be, not everything is smooth sailing. What happens when pasts come back to haunt you? Can you always trust those around you? I'm not one to give anything away so you'll have to read it for yourself to find out the answers to those questions and see if Christian and Hannah get the happily ever after they deserve.

What I can tell you is how much I enjoyed reading this book, and how much it made me smile and swoon with some hot and steamy scenes. Like I said, we do get to meet, see and catch up with characters from the previous books which was great to see where they are now in their lives. Overall, this has been a fab read and a great series. Thank you for giving me the chance to read An Enrapturing Attraction."
- Sarah, Kindle Friends. Goodreads Review.

Stalker links.....

I'll leave you with a poem I wrote for my #1 Bestselling Poetry Book, A Collage of Poetry

The Perfect Dom
Who is this man I see lying beside me?
I know his name and the way he can be.
His need to be strong, to be in total control,
To think of failure, is like losing his soul.
I listen to him breathing in a deep sleep,
Watch his chest rise and fall, I try not to weep.
Quickly turning away, I wipe a lowly tear,
I think I know him well and what he may fear.
Thoughts of last night come flooding back,
Restraints that bound me, a mask coloured black.
A commanding tone and words that warned,
That should I disobey him, I would be scorned.
A tongue that tasted and fingers that felt,
So gentle at first, until out came the belt.
Pain mixed with pleasure, consuming within,
Red burning flesh, then cooled with his skin.
Now I watch him at rest and see so much more,
An innocence of life, emotions rush to my core.
Neither of us are perfect, both having pitfalls,
That doesn’t make us weak, but stronger than walls.
(c) A J Walters.
Thank you so much for all of your support, I really do appreciate it. Have a wonderful August. Below are a few books I've recently read that I would thoroughly recommend.

AJ xxx

Books I've recently read...

The Husband Diet by Nancy Barone

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Monday, 4 May 2015

NEW RELEASE - A Collage Of Poetry is LIVE!!

Thank you to those of you that have downloaded my new poetry book: A Collage of Poetry. Thanks to you it went to #2 in Women's Fiction on Amazon. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Here is just one reader said about it...

"I have watched AJ' s confidence grow with her poetry . What I love about it is that there is something for everyone, whether it's about the stresses if being a bookworm mum trying to multi task, to cancer survivors, to naughty fifty shades inspired poems. AJ is passionate about she writes ad it comes from the heart. A great collection of poems!" - 5* rating!

AmazonUK - -

AmazonCA - -

AJ xxx

Saturday, 18 April 2015


I'm pleased to announce the title of my new book that will be out later this year. It's a crime & suspense novel with Hannah Marshall from An Enrapturing Attraction, being the female lead. It is a stand alone & I'm really excited about it....

So here is a teaser from - Wolves In The Woods

"Leading the way, Sergeant Daniel Trent looks as pale and dishevelled, as much as most of the officers on site. Getting an average of two hours sleep a night isn’t doing any of them any good, but when they’ve got the weight of this case on their shoulders, sleep just can’t compete. The twenty-six year old officer has been Marshall’s right hand man on this investigation since day one and she’d watched the once bright blue eyed man, slowly turn into the more muted blond haired boy she saw this early morn. Usually so ‘Uniformed’ in his suits and groomed in a model like way, he has a piece of hair that just won’t lie down and yet seems past caring."

NB: Please bare in mind this is un-edited, so subject to change. Also copyright belongs to myself.

AJ xxx

Friday, 3 April 2015

***NEW POEM*** - The Dance

Hello & good evening. I've had a fabulous response to the poetry competition I am running and well, I wanted to share one with you.

The following picture was posted by Louise White, over on Facebook & it stirred many emotions. One being in I wanted to listen to Ronan Keating's - I Hope You Dance on loop!

Revelling in the moonlight we lie
After an evening of celebration
Exhausted by the music and heat
For today has been the foundation
Not two years ago it was different
You thought you’d lost me and life
So when you asked the question
How could I not be your wife?
A greater being had a hold of me
One that we couldn’t control or stop
Its power was stronger than mine
And my life you wanted to swap
Clasping my hand you wearily said
 “I promise to be there when you wake”
Not one minute did I disbelieve you
There for mine and the children’s sake
Hearing the music my eyes opened
The soulful voice of my favourite man
Speaking the words we wished for
As long as life and all came to plan
Here we are now, Cancer free
I may have lost my womanhood, my breast
But tonight, together, we have danced
A display of love and strength attest

(c) A J Walters, 2015

You can find more information to help the battle with cancer on the following charitable sites: Marie Keating Foundation, CRUK, Cancer Relief UK

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

All Women Are Beautiful

It's Wednesday and I am having a night off from writing...or am I? I guess this blog post could be classed as writing.
As from 3.30pm tomorrow, I will be officially off work for 2 weeks. Yes, it's the Easter school holidays! It should hopefully be a time where I can spend more time with my sons and force my mind to think about anything other than work...So I have started early and been thinking more about my poetry and new novel.
However tonight, I've done some research and actually sat to watch a film...A classic in 'Pretty Woman' on BBC3. Watching it then brought my mind back to my character of Isabel, the main female character in The Attraction Series. She's not a working girl, but still saw herself as being 'different' at some point due to her being. "Plus-Size".

This did lead me to write this excerpt....

"It's just after 1pm and I still haven't found the perfect outfit. Even with Cambridge prices I have enough money, but unfortunately not the right body type for the small independent boutiques that lie in the side streets. I have so many scenes from Pretty Woman running through my head. Different circumstances obviously, but the same sentimental reasons; I'm different and no model."

In the end though, Marc helps to make her feel confident in herself. Love her body and to love herself. -
AmazonUK -

Monday, 30 March 2015


Hello there *waves*

I've putting out a lot of poetry recently and I am going to be writing a lot more over the next month or so for a new book to publish on Kindle. HOWEVER...I would love to give the opportunity to 3 readers/followers to have poems written, dedicated and published for them in the book!


 I'd like to announce a fabulous competition to you. I'll be releasing my new sexy & sensual, heart breaking & heart wrenching poetry book in May (2015) AND I would like for a couple of you to star in it.

My last poetry book, 'Lust, Love, Dreams and Heartache' shot to the Number One spot in Women's Fiction on Amazon, so how cool would it be for you to hopefully be a part of that again?

All you have to do is post a picture you like in the comments box in the following thread on Facebook or here. It can be artistic, sexy, hand drawn, colourful, black & white, sensual, sad...Be of a couple, flowers, something erotic/poignant/reflecting...Post a Film shot or a piece of music....The choice is yours!!

I'll pick three entrants (separate individuals) that I can write a piece to, and they will be printed in the book with a dedication. As well as that, I'll print their poem out, sign it and post off to the winners.
Go, go, goooooooo!

You can see many examples of my work on here to help with ideas.

AJ <3

CLOSING DATE: Tuesday 14th April. MAXIMUM OF 3 ENTRIES PER PERSON *FB is not responsible for this competition*
Please share & spread the word, if you can. <3

Good luck and thank you.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

***NEW POEM*** - Daring Touch

This is a first for me...It's a poem based on a scene from my debut book An Acute Attraction...
“How daring do you feel?”
I remember the words
In an open wide space
Let down by the curbs
Inquisitive and daring
I read the next text
“…I ask you to touch yourself”
What do I do next?
My brain’s saying one thing
And body screams another
It’s not a case of wanting
As I’m in need of no other
Seeking, searching, I look around
Feeling brave I touch me there
Imaging his fingers
As I lay before him 'bare'

(c) A J Walters, 2015

An Acute Attraction  & all of the books from The Attraction Series are currently only 99p/99cents on kindle and AmazonUK Also available on all Amazon sites.

Friday, 27 March 2015

***NEW POEM*** TEARS (Ana's Inner Goddess)

Looking out of the window
 I reflect on what’s gone
 With rain beating down
 I see that I’m the only one

Tears run down slowly
 The smeared pane of glass
 Rivers of water merging
 Passion and feelings amass

I thought I was strong
 And tough enough to cope
 I guess I am in some ways
 But I still live in hope

(c) A J Walters, 2015


I found the following picture apt for the poem.



Thursday, 26 March 2015


Gliding with such grace, strength and honour
A lady takes to the stage, dressed in her armour
Having once been lost, alone for some time
She returns to her duty, viewing suitors in their prime

Masks they disguise them, imitate and play
Windows to the soul, the only part that can betray
Touching is forbidden, outlawed and denied
Teasing all her senses, making her tingle inside

Searching the room, she ignores the talk
Yes she’s the woman that he had to stalk
A connection is made, as he turns round to see
Creating a charge of the highest degree

One dance was promised as the music starts
Air reverberates, the sound of breaking hearts
Dreams are lost, shattered and burned
Especially those of the nemesis been spurned

Secretly leaving a space for their own
She’s given instructions that are well known
Discarding of silk, satin and lace
The woman prepares with a fixed embrace

His love, lust and deep rooted passion
Are merged together with compassion
Two bodies as one, lay silently sated
In a shape of life, which is firmly stated

(c) A J Walters, 2015

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

NEW POEM - You only You

It’s funny how life can turn out
Even if it isn’t at the time
We have to laugh, before we cry
Or all four walls we’d want to climb

Whether it’s family, close or removed
Or a partner you love or lost
Take a step back and look ahead
Don’t lose yourself at any cost

There might be a moment that comes along
Where that someone will need you
How many would actually want to step up
In truth, there’s only a few

Be true to yourself, heart and soul
Yes be strong, be tough, be bold
If you’re a person that sees both sides
You’ll never leave a person in the cold

Life will repeat itself, it often does
A cycle of regret, promise and love
However in the end, you are but you
Who respects and cares for thereof

(c) A J Walters, 2015

Monday, 23 March 2015


Heart shattering into a thousand shards,
Soul exploding, it’s become too hard.
Thunder roaring and lightning strikes,

Piercing deep with the sharpest spikes.
Shielding, defending the centre of me,
Curling up tight, dreaming what could be.
Life burnt of desire and lost of hope,
Emotions wild, feeling a tightening rope.
Loved and lost isn’t what hurts most,
It’s the words and actions from he a ghost.
The barrage of hate and air so cold,
Coming from this figure, big and bold.
Tears run dry, an empty shell is all,
No-one to catch me as then I fall.
Dropping fast into a bottomless pit,
Closing my eyes I wait for the next hit.
Silence descends on the room we’re in,
Heavy and still, the weight causes din.
Daring to take just one secret glance,
Hoping and praying for a single chance.
The saving grace of a guardian angel is he,
A saviour of life signing a decree.
Taking hold of limbs, battered and bruised,
Belonging to a woman mentally abused.

(c) A J Walters, 2014
I listened to this song while writing this poem - Explosions by Ellie Goulding

Sunday, 22 March 2015


#NewReleases #ELJamesRetweets #FSOGPoetry #SylvainReynardRetweets #AuthorSigning #FreeEbook

Hi all,

I've not properly posted on here for a while. I'm sure like a lot of you, time is flying by so quickly that I lose track of time. So  much has happened and I have so many people to thank. Unfortunately, I won't be able to single everyone out.

This year saw my book An Enrapturing Attraction really take off! It is part of a series, but you're able to read it as a stand alone, readers have been able to read about Hannah, Christian, Marc & Isabel. I took the decision to have these available to readers for only 99p/99cents each as I know how expensive everything is these days. Below are just one comment I've had on Goodreads about the books.

"I came into this book blind, not knowing much about the author or the storyline, and I believe this enhanced my enjoyment of the book...Characters slightly older than I normally read about, but this met they had lived more so their characters had more depth to them. The sexual chemistry between them both was electric but their connection intellectually was also present. I loved the mix of suspense and romance which I hope will develop even further in the next book" ~ Review of An Acute Attraction by Rosie, For The Love Of Books

In between writing the books I've thoroughly enjoyed writing my poetry. All of them are original pieces of work. Some are written from life or have had a #FSOG or #Garbriel'sInferno theme. I have read & loved both E L James & Sylvain Reynard's work. Below are a couple of pieces

I was so fortunate that both E L JamesSylvain Reynard read and Retweeted my poems. I'm probably daft saying this...But if you haven't read the FSOG or Gabriel's Inferno Series of books, well then I would recommend them.

Earlier this month I attended my first ever author signing in Peterborough and well...WOW!! Even those that have done these events before reported that it was one of the best ever signings they'd attended. Thanks for this has to go out to Jo & Rachel of Hourglass Events. It was bloomin brilliant! To have shared the stage with authors such as Jodi Ellen Malpass and Kitty French was such an honour. What I gained out of this more than anything was to meet & become friends to so many.

Me & the beautiful Kitty French

I'm pictured here with the incredibly handsome G G Carver

Me & my bestie!!

A fab pic with the ultra-talented Charming Man and  Neil Winnington

Me & the fabulous Jodi Ellen Malpas

Me &  the stunning EJ Shortall and Andie.M.Long

In July I'll be attending the Second City Author Signing in Birmingham. I'm can't wait to be a part of this & be able to fan girl as well attend as an author.

NEWS UPDATE: I am currently writing a new novel. It is more mystery & suspense, but will include some romance & erotica. It'll be out before the end of the year!! In between I'll continue to dish out the poetry.
I'll love and leave you with news that my poetry book Love, Lust, Dreams & Heartache is FREE on Smashwords!!

Thank you all so much for your support & I'll undoubtedly post some more poetry very soon.

AJ xxx

Saturday, 21 March 2015

***NEW POEM*** - SENSUAL SPIRIT (World Poetry Day)

Crisp white wine
Poured from its bottle
Tantalisingly slowly ...

I pull back on the throttle
Teasingly, pleasingly
He’s wanting to lead
Captivating, enrapturing
Eyes never leave this steed
A licking of lips
And chinking of glass
Adrenalin rushes
Deep feelings amass
Warm scented candles
Add a flickering light
He moves right beside me
My thighs clench tight
Clothes still remain
Pooled around on the floor
The lingerie I chose
Discarded by the door
It’s a perfect ending
To the perfect night
Making passionate love
Of which a poet could write
(c) A J Walters, 2015

Friday, 20 March 2015

***NEW POEM*** A Desired Promise

Steam rises entering the room
From the water in the tub
Muscles tense with a reminder
My body desires a sensual rub
A hand invites me to step in
A silent gesture to enthral
Sitting down before him
I watch the bubbles rise and fall
Slowly leaning back I settle
His legs at my side protect
For a moment a silence descends
So find time to relax, reflect
His fingers begin a journey
Travelling gently down my arm
Not stopping still they move
I’m now everything but calm
Skimming over sensitive skin
A moan escapes my lips
Losing control I let him in
A swift movement of my hips
I remember the promise he made
To care and look after me
Allowing my breath to slow
It’s exactly how it should be

(c) A J Walters, 2015

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

NEW POEM - Based on Sylvain Reynard's, Gabriel Series

As a reader and author I am a HUGE fan of Sylvain Reynard's series of Gabriel's Inferno books. I do have to say though, I wasn't hot on the last book of the trilogy. The first two however, Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture I absolutely loved, loved, LOVED!

So, I fancied writing a short poem about the first book.

Here it is...

Searching deep in the eyes of a woman,
He sought refuge, help and redemption.
Before him sat his own Beatrice,
Self-loathing there was to be no exemption.
Wrath of the past beheld the man,
Deep remorse and guilt played its part.
Sweet Julianne begged to be entered,
Into tortured Gabriel’s heart. 
(c) A J Walters, 2015

Thursday, 12 March 2015

***NEW POEM*** Bookaholic



What is it about books?

They stir and brew

Creating pointed claws

And act like steel hooks

They take your emotions

Pulling you deep within

Confuse you, infuse you

With power and potions

The imagination’s to blame

Wild as it maybe

Something we can’t control

Awaiting to inflame

Whether it be crime

Or a hearty romance

Words to laugh at

What a way to spend time

Escapism or real life

Out of our bubble

Is something we seek

Yet still cause strife

That world is not our own

Sometimes wishing it was

Conjuring up visions

Knowing we’re not alone




(c) A J Walters, 2015





*****NEW POEM***** Hours of Darkness



From the moment I said I love you

I knew the sentiment to be true

Catching glimpses of you sitting

Admiring the beautiful view

My heart skipping a beat or two

May sound corny to those around

But I don’t ever look or listen

As the feelings are profound

Hearing you say the words back to me

Had me smiling ear to ear

Wanting to hug and hold you

Feel your body close and near

Life turns and I nearly lose you

The ground beneath suddenly fell

Darkness heavy, smothering me

My new home was there in hell

After hours of patiently waiting

You walked into the room

Relief and happiness soon replace

A space full of doom and gloom

Not able to stop from running

Into arms so warm and strong

I thank the Lord looking above

That what could have been was wrong

(c) A J Walters, 2015