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A Celebratory Giveaway!!

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          To celebrate this I am hosting my first ever Giveaway. So on offer is...

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

New Interview.

I did an interview earlier this evening over on Facebook.

You can view it Here

A xxx

An Interview and chat....

Morning/ Afternoon all,



At 8pm GMT tonight, I will be doing an interview and chat over on Facebook. There will also be a giveaway of an ebook copy of An Acute Attraction.



It would be great to chat to you guys over on 'Isa Loves Books' page



Have a wonderful Sunday. 



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An Acute Attraction needs your votes please.

                                                      Hi there guys,


                                              I do hope you're all well.


An Acute Attraction is looking for your votes in a couple of lists on Goodreads.



It is in the following catagories:



1) Indie Novellas, Novelettes and Short Stories

2) Best Adult Indie Book Cover

3) New Adult

4) Must Read Indies

5) Best First Book By A New Author

6) Best Book Boyfriend

7) Best Romance I've Read So Far



You can vote for it Here



Thank you in advance.



A xxx

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Second Teaser From A Constant Attraction






This second teaser is from Isabel's POV (point of view). It does contain sexual language, so 18+ advised. Other than that.....Enjoy!

I have just realised. I've never actually asked you out on a date!”

As I sit quietly reading with my feet resting under Marc's lap, I look up and study his face. I am how can I say it? A little bemused by this sudden revelation of his. More by the fact it has come out of no where if I'm honest with you. For the past hour or so I have been engrossed in the rather sexy book I am reading by a young male author called Cameron Lincoln. I would thoroughly recommend him to you. My wiggling of toes under his thigh earlier, alerted Marc that I was enjoying it a bit too much, so he demanded that he should have a read of it himself later. Anyway, sorry! Yes back to Marc's rather odd statement. As I look at him, he is still fully focused on the screen of his laptop and typing the paper he has been currently working on. I cannot stop the stupidly smitten grin I now have. This must get his attention as he turns to me, looking over the top of the sexiest black rimmed glasses I have ever laid eyes on. Jeez, I becoming obsessed with them as much as I am about the man who so deliciously wears them.

What?” This simple one word question is asked in a totally innocent way, as if he hasn't just said the most randomist statement. Is randomist even a word? If not, I reckon it should be.

I lay the book down on my legs and cock my head to one side.

Amuse me here Mr Sanders. What on earth made you say that?”

Marc gently sets his laptop to one side and turns his body towards me. I start to giggle as he seductively slides a smooth hand up my trouser leg.

I didn't mean to amuse me in that way Professor, but you may carry on.”

His fingers creep ever higher, pushing the denim up and then he stops as he reaches my thigh. He still has his glasses glasses on, which make for a dangerous shield between me and his soul, his mind. I feel defenseless against him, as he holds all of the smouldering heat within them. Leaning in further, he lightly caresses my skin.

I was just thinking to myself that I have not taken you out for a drink or for dinner, like a gentleman should when asking a lady out on a first date.”

I put my book on to the floor now, so that I am giving him my full attention, as his fingers are working their magic on me also.

Wouldn't you say that the picnic or the University dinner were dates?”

His hand restarts its sensual journey along my thigh, moving up the inside edging closer to the junction at them. I am sure you will understand that through the combination of Marc's touch and well, just everything, my underwear is now ever so slightly damp. So when his fingertips touch the soft material, there is no surprise on his face, but his look does tell me everything.

Well, well Ms Chambers. What gives me the idea you are enjoying this?”

The way he asks, is teasing everything within me and so I feel my vaginal wall muscles clenching, to avoid any more juices flowing out of me.

Don't change the subject Mr Sanders.”

My voice breaks as Marc finds my clit, flicks and teases it. I am desperately trying to control what is happening now as I am in his hands.

You know how you said to me earlier that I have come through the crap, life has thrown at me, making me a better and stronger woman?”

Marc looks intrigued by where I am going with this, as though he knows exactly what I am going to say next. Which he quite possibly does, as we know of his mind reading skills.

Uh huh! Yeah.” Not once does Marc halt what his fingers are doing and so my hips start to move involuntary.

Well how about I show you how strong I really am, because Marc right now, I want to control you and then lose it with you!”

His eyes widen at my words. I am not sure if he is shocked or surprised to hear me say such things, cos I know I'm shocked at myself, but heck I want this. I want to be the one that brings sexual and sensual pleasure to him and then to both of us, on my terms. I want to control what heights we reach, how long we stay there for and then how hard we come slamming down from a crescendo of sexual gratification.

He stops what he is doing and I take that as an invitation to do what I would like to do. He glides his hand out from inside my trouser leg and sits up straight. We never take our eyes off of each other, all the time I move to a kneeling position on the sofa and remove his glasses. I haven't really done anything yet and already my breathing has become shallow in anticipation of what I know is coming. Come on Chambers, you can do this. It'll be a first for me, but I want and need to do this.

Marc, I don't want you to touch me yet because I know I will lose it if you do. So promise me please, that you won't touch me.”

Isabel, right now I will do anything you ask of me. If you don't want me to touch you I won't, but you are going to have to tell me when you do want me to. Ok?”

All I can do is nod in reply to him as I can't quite find my voice. My stomach is starting to knot its self up with nerves. What I am nervous about though, I'm not sure. Maybe it's that I don't want to let him down or myself down for that matter. Now that I have started this, I have to finish it and hopefully in style. I am trying my utmost not to over think this, just to let it happen naturally.

I step from off the sofa and stand taking a hold of Marc's hand, leading him into the bedroom I start to feel a little more relaxed. Marc is so much more taller than me, but what I have in mind he is the perfect height.

Stand there for me.” I position him at the foot of the bed, so that the backs of his knees are touching the duvet. Slowly I start to undo each and every button on his crisp white shirt. After each individual one is open I place delicate kisses on his chest. The first few buttons reveal his light smattering of chest hair, that I love to feel against my cheeks when I lie with him, in his arms. It tickles my lips as I kiss him and inhaling the delectable musky scent of him at the same time, forces my eyes to close and senses to tingle. The lower I go, the smoother his skin becomes. It is taut over his stomach muscles and I can't help but want to lick him, to taste him. The first touch of my tongue causes him to sharply inhale and curse, as I am just a few inches away from where I really want to be. As the last button is opened, I pull the shirt from out of his trousers and push it over his broad shoulders. He goes to undo the cuffs on the sleeves.

Looking directly into his eyes I stop him, “No! I will do those.”

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Friday, 14 February 2014

A CONSTANT ATTRACTION - Feature length teaser.

Hi All,

I am so excited to be posting this feature length teaser of my new upcoming book, A Constant Attraction. This book is the 2nd installment of the Attraction Series. I am loving writing this book, I would say more than the first. I have decided to take a slightly different angle on this one, by telling the story through the eyes of Isabel, Marc and Emelie.

I hope you enjoy it!

Amanda xxx




Standing tall, at the large imposing window of her Cambridge hotel room, Dr Emiliana Acerbi presses the end call button on her phone. She is confident that she is the one in control. She is the one calling all of the shots, holding all of the cards and that she is the strongest out of the two of them, out of her and Marc Sanders. She has always been this way, since very early on in life and had to be in order to succeed, to succeed in what is mainly seen as a man's world. 
From a young age men had been the authoritative figures within her family and community in Italy. There the men were still very firmly set in their ways. The men were the bread winners, head of the family and everyone looked up to them. This became more apparent after her father passed away, after losing his battle to lung cancer, when she was only six years old and her mother had to turn to Emiliana's uncle, her father's elder brother for help and support. 
As it was him who they had to rely upon, to avoid being homeless and put out on to the street, he used and abused the situation. Emiliana wasn't allowed to do anything without his permission and in time, her mother turned into the ghost of a woman she once was. Valeria Martinelli had no say in what discipline or punishment was handed out, or which direction her daughter was to take, therefore just blended into everything else around them. 
However Emelie wasn't a daft or silly little girl. In fact, she was the complete opposite. Yes, she played by the rules and did what was expected of her. She kept her mouth shut and continued to do what was asked of her. The display and theatre she put on for her uncle was enough to pacify him, but not too obvious for him to question the reasoning behind her way of living. At the age of ten, Emelie made the conscious decision that she was not going to lead the rest of her sorry and turbulent life like that. So, she buckled down at school and any spare time she had in between having to do chores around the house and entertaining her uncle, she would do extra studying. As any spare time was sparse, she would often stay awake late into the night and, either using the bright moonlight or what little street lighting there was, she would cram as much as she could in. Emelie knew her uncle would never fund her college or university fees, as he wanted her to become another little woman, just like her mother, who stayed at home and did nothing else.
With this she needed to prove to herself and others, such as her teachers at school, what she was truly capable of doing. 
Striving to be the best, to be at the top of her classes, taking home extra work, Emelie hoped it would lead to her getting a scholarship or grant.

As it went, she did ace her exams and at the age of sixteen, Emelie packed the one case she could get a hold of and left for Milan, her only possessions being a few clothes, her diary and a photograph of her parents taken during happier times. Her uncle hadn't been a complete tyrant. He would give Emelie 'pocket money' as he called it, for when she worked incredibly hard for him, entertaining him and his comrades. Six years of saving and stashing the money in an old antique tin under her bed, meant she had enough to buy her ticket and pay for the first couple of months rent. It broke her heart to sell the one item that had belonged to her father, but she knew that her father would approve of her using the money from the sale of the gold pocket watch, to fulfill her dream of becoming something and someone. So, until her grant kicked in, she had to use the cash to live off.

Her living conditions may not have been great, but she was free!

From that moment on her attitude was one of all out for herself. She would be proven yet again that she could accomplish anything, accomplish a great deal in what was predominately a man's world.

It was through her tough, strong attitude to life and her succeeding in her studies that lead her to where she is now. (This is also what attracted Stefano to her when they were both attending the same University. He saw her passion, her wanting in life and determination to get it.) The more she studied medicine, in particular her research in finding a cure for cancer, the more obsessed she became by it. The disease had taken her father from her, taken her early years away from her and she wasn't going to let it take any more away from her or others. 

Right now though, other elements have come into play and there is no way on this earth, anyone is going to spoil her future and chances of success with in the medical sector. That includes Marc Sanders.

She and Marc have known each other for some years now, as it was twelve years ago that they had met at a conference in Montreal. Both she and Stefano had attended together, when they were introduced by a mutual colleague. As a threesome they seemed to hit it off straight away. As well as a common interest with in the medical field, Marc and Stefano had a shared interest in golf and architecture. Okay, Marc didn't play golf particularly well and more often than not would lose the bet they put on, but it was the company and conversation that made it so they soon became firm friends. 
Whenever either party were visiting respective countries- Italy and America, they didn't have to worry too much about where to stay or which hotel to book into, as they would be invited to stay over at each others homes. Marc's triplex apartment situated close to the Charles River, had more than enough space for them all to stay in. Emelie and Stefano's four bedroomed house on the outskirts of Bologna, offered the change of pace that appealed to Marc.

In this time Emelie had grown to know Marc very well. She had seen him date a few women and had witnessed the way he'd been around them. Yes he slept with them. Yes, he had wined and dined them. However, she had never seen him be the way he was when with Isabel. The look he gave her. The way his deep, emerald green eyes glinted in her presence and shone when he and Isabel spoke and laughed together. The way she had wanted him to look at her.

Emelie herself had tried to be more than friends with Marc at one stage, when her marriage to Stefano had hit a rocky patch. She had flirted and made her intentions incredibly clear to him, but Marc didn't want to know. He made it abundantly clear that he would never, in no uncertain terms, date or have sexual relations with any woman who was already involved with another man, no matter how unstable or loveless the relationship was between either partner. 
On one occasion Emelie felt that she had been publicly humiliated and embarrassed when Marc forcibly removed her hand away after she had tenderly touched his cheek and offered her bed to him. The wine that had been consumed had made her all the more braver to do it. He verbally told her, nothing more could come of the professional relationship they shared. 
Emelie inwardly spat, remembering how he told her to sober up and to go home to Stefano, to work their marriage out. Marc had pronounced the words 'professional relationship' as though the friendship they also supposedly had, was nothing.

Following on from that incident, there did to be a weighted awkwardness between them. A chasm had opened up and she worked tirelessly to close it again. Marc's visits to their family home in Italy started to dwindle and he, what she thought, made excuses whenever she spoke about the possibility of staying with him, whenever she had to go over to the US with work. 

In the end and as it still is now, the only time that Emelie, Stefano and Marc would meet up, would be at medical conferences and presentations held around the world. Typically, Emelie saw that her so-called loving husband, Stefano hadn't even noticed the tension and what was going on around them in their personal life, as he was too engrossed in his career and the research they were doing. That part of his life had taken over everything else. 

At one point in their marriage, they had a fiery and raw sexual relationship. Stefano being the red hot blooded Italian he is, was a stud in the bedroom, but then the greed for fame and fortune took over the greed for lust and love. They started sleeping in separate bedrooms as he would work longer and longer hours at the university lab, forcing them to become more and more distant. And yet in public they could put on a show stopping display of mutual unification; Stefano constantly holding on to his wife by her elbow, seemingly shackled together, him being the heavy iron ball. 
Eventually Emelie fell into this way of living, (if you can call it living) performing for the spectators and audience. However once behind closed doors it all changed and so did her heart, it froze over as there was no warmth or fire in their shambles of a marriage. She followed the same path as Stefano. Her original reason for going into medicine had been replaced by the wealth, fortune and having her name known around the world. This was what her future consisted of now. She no longer cared about what others thought of her. She had heard all of the whispers, the names of 'Ice maiden' and 'cold hearted bitch' being thrown around. However, these only spurred her on even more; she had power and was feared by many.

So now standing in her cold, clean and clinical looking room, she knew exactly what she had to do.

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I am offering a signed copy of my book, An Acute Attraction, in order to raise funds for the charity real blokes and Cancer Relief.

All you have to do is to donate anything from £2.00 upwards at Real Blokes Just giving with #AAA in the comments and then your name will be put forward.

You have until 01/03/14 to make your donation with hashtag, when a winner will be picked.

Please support this fabulous charity. :-)


Hi guys....

As a lead up to my author take over on Two Ordinary Girls and their Books on TUESDAY 18/02/14, I'm offering a great giveaway!

For your chance to win a signed copy of my, 5* Rated, An Acute Attraction please see below....

1) Just go over to my Facebook page & like it 

2) Once you've done that, go over to this Link & type 'Done' in the comments box.

3) If you already like my page, still type 'Done' as we'll be checking both lists anyway.

The closing date for this giveaway will be 4pm 18/02/14 and the winner will be announced on the take over evening.

Please come along from 8pm GMT on 18/02/14 for a Q&A, a live giveaway, teaser reveal for her next book 'A Constant Attraction' -Book 2 of the series and just a general chat & giggle.

Bring a bottle & enjoy. 




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An Interview with......Cameron Lincoln

Oh my gosh, I am so excited to be doing this with you. You were my first ever 'Author/Twitter crush'. Anyway, welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with me....*blushing furiously*

Firstly, is it ok if I call you Cam?

You, my darling, can call me anything you like! But Cam is perfectly fine.

 AJW: (Fans face) Wow! Ok to start off with Cam, I was wondering if you could tell us a bit about yourself for any readers that haven't seen or should I say, heard/read about you before?

CL: Oh, crikey. On the spot now. I’m Cameron, and I write. Sometimes stories, sometimes poetry, often erotica. Sometimes it’s even half decent!

AJW: Half decent!! You're joking right? When did you first want to get into writing?

CL: I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to write stories. I’ve been doing it since I was a little boy, though back then there was far less nakedness in what I wrote! I just love taking people on a journey, whatever the topic or genre.

 AJW: And you do that extremely well (Smittenly smiles at you). Did you or do you still have any authors that inspire you to write?

CL: Absolutely. Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Michael Marshall Smith, Joss Whedon, Grant Morrison. I’m in awe of their talent and skill. Outside of those ‘big names’ I’m inspired by every last person who has the drive to put a story down on the paper, regardless of experience. Writing is such an amazing creative process and anybody who goes through it and produces something they’re proud of is inspirational.

AJW: Some really great names in there. Is writing something you feel you have to do religiously every day?

CL: I wish! I always feel like it’s something I should be doing, but the inspiration isn’t there every day. Even when it is, sitting in front of the keyboard doesn’t always yield results. The days it flows are incredible, but there are periods of drought. I really need to start to force myself to get something down every day.

 AJW: What was it that lead you to write in the genre's you do and which is your favourite?

CL: Erotica was a personal challenge. A ‘can I do this?’ and I found I had so much fun crafting stories of such physical action and intense emotion. In other genres it’s a case of personal interest and passion. It’s my goal to play around in every genre at some point, to give new things a try, new styles of writing. I’ll be exploring a host of genres in my next project.

AJW: I am very much looking forward to reading more from you. You have published your first paperback book, Perfect Pleasures. For those that haven't come across it, could you please tell us about it?

CL: It’s an anthology of a large amount of my erotic work and poetry written across the span of about 18 months. It has the first erotic story I wrote (A Friendly Rivalry), and the most recent (Focus – which is exclusive to the collection). There’s a progression of my technique and my overall view of erotica. Each story is its own unique entity but I always imagined that they take place in the same world, perhaps just streets away.

There is poetry in there too, some of it exclusive to the book, and again I like that there’s a variety written across a timespan, from the very first I wrote to the exclusives. I look at the book as a treasure trove of sensuality, sex, passion and desire. Different scenarios, different emotions explored within.

AJW: I personally do love this book and have it several times, so what sort of response have you had to this publication?

CL: It’s been fabulous, and I am humbled that so many people have responded so positively. The feedback has been great, and knowing that my book is sitting out there on people’s shelves and nighstands is a wonderful feeling.

AJW: Both of my copies have pride of place ;-)

AJW: One of the main projects you are currently working on is your d├ębut novel, The Mayfly. Could you please tell your fans a bit more about this please?

CL: It’s a paranormal romance/urban fantasy novel that’s different to anything anybody's read from me, and strangely enough, the sort of thing that is closest to my heart. All my passions will shine through in a story about life, death, love, loss, emotion and memory. I hope so, anyway!

The lead is a woman called Callie Sanders, who lives somewhat of an isolated life. Despite a good job, she's never really become part of the social scene. One evening working late a stranger literally falls at her feet, bleeding from a strange wound and being pursued by a dark force. The two end up on the run. That's about all I can give you without spoiling too much of the initial surprises, but I can't wait to get the story down and out into the world.

AJW: It certainly sounds like you are putting everything it this Cam and I can't wait to read it. More recently, you have been posting audio versions of your fabulous poetry, which I am a huge fan of *swoon. Would you consider doing an audio version of Perfect Pleasures or The Mayfly?

CL: I doubt I could sustain my voice for that length of time, so I think I’ll just be sticking to the shorter excerpts for now! But the feedback to these has been so positive too, and I’m very surprised. It’s another area of creativity to explore.

AJW: Not that I stalk you or anything, but I know you are a huge Comic fan. If you could write a story in any genre that included your two favourite male & female characters, who would they be and what?

CL: Who wouldn’t want to read about The Joker & Harley Quinn tearing strips off each other? Maybe it’s just me...

 AJW: Haha!! You have independently published this book. Would you consider going down a different route with any future work?

CL: I’m perfectly satisfied doing it all myself. Every reader feels special, and well-earned. Of course, like any writer, I’d love to be legitimately published but I’m happy to play in the indie park for now.

Quickfire round.

Paperback or Ebook?

A mix. Sure, they’re different experiences, but you have to roll with the times while giving due respect to the past.

Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter, always.

Slow & Sensual or Fast & Furious?

If you can have both across the span of a night, that’s perfection.

AJW: Flipping 'eck!

Left or right side......of the bed?

I’m the left, as you stand at the foot of the bed.

AJW: I can envisage that rather too easily!! (Fans face again!)

Favourite song to get you in the mood?

AJW: Finally, now is an opportunity for you to thank or promote any folk that deserve a shout out from you.....Go for it!

CL: Well first off a big thank you to you AJ, and I hope people are picking up your book An Acute Attraction!

I always worry I’ll leave somebody out, but I can heartily recommend the work of Lisa Fulham, Paige Thomas, Chris Kuhn, Mary Palmerin, Rebecca Sherwin, Zoey Hart... There are so many others, so keep an eye out for who I promote on Twitter. They’re all worth your time!

Thank you so much Cam, for doing this. I wish you the very best in everything & I can't wait to read more of your work...*swoons again!

My true pleasure. Thank you for having me!


You can find more information about the luscious Cameron Lincoln, on the links below.

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Would you like a snippet?

Good evening guys, I am asking for a huge favour.....



I would like to release a snippet from my new upcoming book A Constant Attraction, the sequel to An Acute Attraction.

In order to do this though I would love a friend of mine, a true hero who helps to raise loads of money for charity, to reach 2000 followers on Twitter.

I have the teaser ready & waiting, so if you can help out by following & spreading the word, that would be awesome!!

Here is Mark's twitter page Mark.  He is a fundraising officer for Cancer Relief.


Thank you so much for your help & I can't wait to post the teaser from the book.


A xxx

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COMING SOON.....A New Giveaway!!

Keep your eyes peeled guys!!!

The lovely ladies at the The Sub Club Books are hosting a giveaway of a signed copy of An Acute Attraction, over the Valentine's Day period.



Tuesday, 4 February 2014

An Interview with.......Steve Richards.

AJW: Hello Steve and welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with me. 

SR: Hi Amanda, it’s my pleasure I can assure you. I’m honoured to be asked to take part in this, so thank you! 

AJW: You're very welcome. To start off with Steve, I was wondering if you could tell us a bit about yourself for any readers that haven't seen you before? 

SR: Well, I’m fifty *mumbles* and I currently work in customer service. I’ve been with my partner Anita for over 34 years and we have two lovely children that we’re very proud of. I left school at 16 and went straight to work in a factory as a labourer, moving steadily upwards to be a supervisor and a computer controlled machine programmer. When the factory closed, I went to live and work in Italy for 7 months, setting up a production cell in an automotive parts factory, training their staff and also teaching them English. Oh and I once danced and sang ‘Singing In The Rain’ in Via Roma in Turin on a night out with friends! 
(AJW: Wow!! You could write a book!!)

AJW: When did you first want to get into writing? 

SR: Since secondary school, I’ve often written little nonsense poems to entertain friends or drawn small cartoons with funny text or observations, but I’ve only sat down and actually written stories (that people want to read - a fact that amazes me), in the past year or so. 
AJW: Did you or do you still have any authors that inspire you to write? 

SR: Oh yes! I love the work of Anais Nin, Jules Verne, Clive Barker, Tiffany Reisz, Magenta Nero… an endless list of great writers that I admire! 

AJW: Is writing something you feel you have to do religiously every day? 

 SR: I love to write but it’s not something I feel I have to do. I write when the mood takes me, when time allows and when The Muse whispers something wonderful in my ear, which she seems reluctant to do lately! I firmly believe she’s taken a vacation! 

AJW: What was it that lead you to write in the genre you do? 

SR: I’ve always been a great fan of erotica. I’m a very sensual person in that I enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and how the imagination can conjure such wonderful delights. I love how words can stimulate the senses and lead to real physical effects. People tell me that I’m quite good at doing that so I thought, let’s give it a go! 

AJW: You have just published your book, Opus Angelicus, in paperback. For those that haven't come across it, could you please tell us about it? 

SR: It’s a collection of short stories, 14 in total (that can be read as standalone pieces or as a running narrative), which tells of the love affair between an angel from heaven and an earthly woman. It’s written in a style that puts the reader at the heart of each story so that they can identify themselves with either The Angel or the woman. 

AJW: Ok. Would you ever like to write a novella or novel in the future? 

SR: It’s certainly something I’ve considered, in fact I’m toying with the idea of doing just that with the next lot of adventures of The Angel and his lady!  
AJW: Excellent, I'm looking forward to that. You have independently published this book. Would you consider going down a different route with any future work? 

SR: Gosh I think it would be amazing if I ever had a publishing contract but then again I would have to write to order so to speak and for me, I think that would take the fun out of it. I like indie publishing because without it, I very much doubt that my book would ever have seen the light of day! It gives dabblers like me an opportunity to hold the thing in my hands and think ‘Good God! I did this!’ It’s a hell of a feeling!  
AJW: I know exactly what that feeling is like. It is blooming amazing! :-)

Quickfire round. 

 Paperback or Ebook? Ooh, ooh… EBook!  

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook 

Slow & Sensual or Fast & Furious? Slow & Sensual! 

 Left or right side......of the bed? Left 

Favourite song to get you in the mood? Burning Desire by Lana Del Rey 
(Wow! Record speed! As you're the first! haha!!)
AJW: Finally, now is an opportunity for you to thank or promote any folk that deserve a shout out from you.....Go for it! 

 SR: Firstly I’d like to thank you Amanda, for interviewing me and also for your great novel An Acute Attraction which I loved! Can’t wait for the next one! My family whose love, help and patience have been invaluable; Sally Warner for her never ending support and encouragement (and for pimping my work at every available opportunity!) Also another fabulous author and great friend, Chris Kuhn, who’s given me no end of useful advice, support and encouragement as well - ladies, take a bow! Then there are my other friends, who like yourself, have always showered me with kindness and praise – Ava Bellamy, Deb DML, Gigi Gia, Lisa Fulham, B L Ronan, Kayla Lords, Abbie Foxton, Theresa Forrest and Tammy-Louise Wilkins. If I’ve forgotten anyone, my sincerest apologies, you’re all amazing people, I’m honoured to call you my friends!

AJW: Aw! Shucks! Thank you so much Steve and for being my first ever interviewee. I hope it wasn't too painful for you. I wish you the very best in your writing. 

SR: Once again, thank you Amanda! I really enjoyed doing this and I’m in your debt for the fabulous opportunity to reach out to people that you’ve afforded me! I wish you every success in your own work!


Stephen's book is available to buy now from Amazon

"I am an angel sent by God to love you, to watch over you and protect you. To pick you up when you fall, to keep you safe from all harm and to answer your every desire. I belong to you completely, having no meaning to my existence other than to please you and be there for you in your time of need."

With these words begins a fabulous journey that places you, the reader, in the very heart of an amazingly erotic adventure that will take you to exotic places, passionate highs and leave you breathless with desire! 

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Charity Spotlight- Real Blokes.

Every now and then I like to spotlight some extremely worthy causes. In the past I have mentioned charities such as the NSPCC and Caudwell Children.



Today's spotlight is on "Real Blokes" :) I have supported many cancer awareness days and months, but the majority of them have been for Breast Cancer and mainly ran by women. So when I came across Real Blokes, I knew I had to support them just as much. 


I am sure many men will agree with me, that when it comes to talking about any illness especially Cancer, men seem to keep it to themselves more than women and so bringing awareness to it, doesn't seem to be as big or easy. My father was diagnosed with bowel cancer a few years back and he came through it. He recently went back to the hospital and was given the all clear still. However, many folk have a long battle that they unfortunately don't win in the end. We can beat this together.



So guys, may I introduce you to Real Blokes.....





Hello. We are Real Blokes

Late last year in 2013, a close friend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given a slim chance of survival due to the seriousness of his condition. On the visits I got with my friend, I always gave the brave face and did my best to make him smile. Being the strong person he was, he managed to enjoy Christmas and see in 2014 and we are thankful to have this time with him. I made him a promise  I would do whatever I could to make a difference and so began the challenge of #RealBlokes. Sadly, my friend passed away on the 10/01/14 and won’t be able to see the amazing support and things we will achieve, but I know he would be proud and I will carry on in his name helping others in their hard times.

You can make a donation, however big or small, to their Just Giving page.


or  TEXT code : RBCR69 £1,2,5,10 to 70070


The guys are also on Twitter  


Cancer Relief is the charity these guys raise money for. :-)



 I've made my donation & will continue to do what I can to help promote the guys. I have offered a signed copy of An Acute Attraction, which hopefully will help in an auction or raffle :-) 



A xxx