Thursday, 30 January 2014

Introducing.....Steve Richards

Hi guys,

Once a week I will be promoting a fellow author. This week......

Ladies & Gents may I introduce you to the wonderful Steve Richards.

                                                        Don't let the mask scare you!!

Steve is one of a few masters and gentleman writers I know in the erotica genre. His writing of erotic short stories is one not to be missed, along with his poetry.

I was so chuffed to hear that Steve has published his amazing book Opus Angelicus in paperback.

It is a pleasure to call him a friend!

A xx

Saturday, 25 January 2014

A belated Throwback Thursday....

I have enjoyed revealing a bit more about myself recently, more for the fact of reminicing.

In the post earlier I mentioned that I am a natural blonde and that I had interviewed a famous celebrity in the past....The picture below MAY give you a clue as to who.

I first met him back in 1995......where I then went on to write a concert review for the boyband he was in.....

After that I interviewed him for a BBC Saturday Night TV programme for his solo album....

...with the hilarious & wonderful Graham Norton.

I was surprised by the fact that I was actually going to be interviewing the amazing Ronan Keating. I only had 10 minutes to prep for the interview and I had to perform some unusual tasks!! Below is my card I used to help with that, I was shaking so much with nerves, my writing is terrible!

You will not believe what happened....I was introduced to this God of a man & then basically had to make a complete fool of myself in front of him. He did not know about all of the questions or tasks I had to do, so I just went for it!

Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties & my radio microphone had to be swapped....What I didn't realise, as I was chatting away to Ronan & swimming backstroke in his eyes, was that my new microphone had a cable attached to it!!

So when it came to getting out of there as quick as I could, after making a complete arse of myself, I nearly garroted the poor guy!

Hence to say, it was a memorable interview for the both of us.



Ronan & Boyzone's new single Light Up The Night I love it!!



Random Facts!!!


Over on Facebook, I was tagged by the gorgeous Sydney Jamesson (Pictured above), to offer a few random facts about myself.





So here we go.....





1) I was pushed down the stairs by my elder brother when I was a toddler! My nappy offered welcomed protection & I did bounce!

2) I bit my brothers finger & blamed the screams on that he got his finger stuck in the hole of the tap!

3) I played 'Mary' in a Christmas production in Primary School. I wasn't one one of the main parts though. A bloody woodcutter & bird were!!!

4) There were ONLY 5 children in my year in Primary school & I was the only one to go to the high school I went to.

5) I nearly pee'd myself from laughing so much, when I couldn't stop running as very strong winds were pushing me along! (Walking/running home from high school).

6) I had an operation on my jaw when I was 16 years old. I had to have it broken & moved forward! It was then clamped together for 8 weeks.

7) I studied Music (singing), Theatre Studies & Media Studies in College. So my first 8 weeks in college were stuffed, due to said operation above!!

8) My favourite pop group in high school was Climie Fisher.





9) I once was a size 12!

10) I gave birth to my eldest son on Christmas Day. So my dinner consisted of a cup of tea & 2 rounds of toast!

11) I suffer from 'Foot In Mouth' Syndrome. Hence where my character Isabel, gets hers from.

12) I used to live down near Cambridge.

13) Singer Robbie Williams still owes an old friend of mine, a packet of cigarettes!

14) I suffer from Vertigo and have a fear of heights! 


15) I have been on T.V & interviewed a famous celebrity!



I once thought I had lead a sheltered life!!




Thursday, 23 January 2014

New links to buy An Acute Attraction from.



I am pleased to announce that An Acute Attraction is now available in Nook from Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble

Also in paperback from Amazon (Worldwide)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

On my own.....

I'm a single mum, that leads a single life......

Tonight I went out on my own. I got to know some wonderful charities & met some wonderful people who I won't see again came away on my own!

I saw some inspirational people as I stood, as single person watching them go by.
I laughed, I cried, I applauded.....on my own!

I am now sat at home, writing this....knowing nothing will ever change...

....on my own!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Meet the artist....

The art work for the front cover of An acute Attraction, has had as much 'attraction' and attention as the book its self. So, I thought I would do a Meet The post.

I would like to introduce you to my younger brother, John Walters.

(1985- Live Aid year.....It rocked!! And yes! We ran the World to raise money!! Haha!!)

John is the most amazingly talented guy you could ever meet. I remember him doing art in school, but the first time I really noticed that he had a fabulous future was about 17 years ago! He'd drawn a cartoon sketch of a man picking his nose!!! I know....but in the end, the guy had his brain dangling at the end of what he pulled out....You had to have seen it! Bloomin brilliant! The caricature was hilarious.

From there, John went on to do art in University & then worked for a set design company in Stoke on Trent. Here he designed the set for A Midsummer Nights Dream that was performed at Stafford castle. The design was put on display in the V&A museum, in London.

John with my youngest son, a decade ago!!

John then went on to bigger and better things. Designing characters for the Alton Towers Theme Park....

                                                 The above are just two of what he designed....

I am so proud of all of John's accomplishments, but I think when it comes to what is written down on paper, it has to be his art work in the amazing television series...Spartacus: Blood & Sand..etc

John helped to create the magnificent background VFX artwork in all seasons of Spartacus.

                            You have got to admit, his talent is amazing & I am so, so proud of him.

I was fortunate to have John do the art work for 'An Acute Attraction'. All I did was send John a photograph of Kings College in Cambridge & give an idea about the coupling & the outline of the book, then he did the rest.....worked his magic. The idea he came up with was to pin point the characters & setting. The 'crumbling walls' effect defines that of lies, deceit and trust!

I do have the artwork in mind for the second book 'A Constant Attraction'. It will remain a secret for a bit though.

In the meantime please check out John's art work here Art Of John Walters  He is available for any work, so please contact him for anything....




Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Tantalizing Teaser

Turning back to me, he gently shifts the hair that is settled against my cheek. The same electrical charge I felt earlier is conducted through my body and fisting the hair at the nape of my neck, he brings his mouth down to mine. All I can do is to hold tight on to his athletic upper arms, afraid that my legs might buckle any moment now. Exploring my mouth, the taste of the whisky transferring from his tongue makes it all the sweeter. The kiss intensifies as he pulls me closer. Having the need to come up for air, he releases my mouth, but not before biting on my lower lip.
I watch on as he removes his blue suit jacket and tie, and I am caught up, mesmerized by this man. It is as though I have been drugged by his touch, by his kiss.

Never taking his eyes off of me, in a low dulcet tone he asks;
“Isabel, what do you want? What do you need?”
Only one answer comes to mind.
The smoothness in which he delivered his question was suddenly gone. Roughly he takes my mouth again and this time both of our tongues are in search for what we want. While I have both of my hands flat against the taught contours of his chest, Marc brings one hand up in to my hair as the other desperately reaches for the hem of my dress.
Once he holds it, he uses both of his hands to pull the dress up over my head. He looks down at me, studying hungrily. All of the insecurities I had earlier vanish as he gazes at my ample breast, the nipples of which are audaciously teasing him.
“You are beautiful,” he breathes.
I can feel the sting of a tear at the corner of my eye, as no man has ever said that to me. Fighting to control my emotions, I can then see where this is leading.
“I have to ask, is it safe for us to do this? You know?”
He glides his hands over my shoulders and down my arms, “I know what you are trying to ask and yes it’s safe.”
Without warning I shift the power of what he is doing over to me.
Feeling brave I remove Marc’s clothing, revealing broad shoulders, a smattering of chest hair and a well-defined stomach. I inhale at the sight and smell of this man.  All he is left standing in is his black boxer briefs. My hand reaches for him, when he abruptly stops me.
“My turn again.”
Marc presses delicate kisses down one side of my neck and shoulders. Taking off my bra and lace topped knickers; he discards them on to the floor. Once I am completely naked, Marc takes a hold of my full breasts, rolling one nipple between his thumb and forefinger, whilst taking the other distended nipple into his mouth. His touch is exquisite and already aroused from the foreplay, I let out a moan as my hands take in his hair.  I close my eyes to heighten the pleasure of him nuzzling at my breast.
I want this man and somehow Marc knows exactly what I am thinking. Pushing me back to one of the sofas, I stumble back on to it. Then grabbing my thighs he pulls me towards him so that I am now virtually lying on it, so I am open and ready for him.
I silently curse at the first touch of his keen tongue, playing and teasing. Slipping one and then two fingers into me to join his tongue causes me to release a sob of sexual pleasure, as they achingly slowly at first, work in unison.
My first orgasm is beginning to build. I am so close and this is how I want it to be. Marc sets a rhythm with his fingers and as I tighten around them, he rubs the most sensitive part of me with his thumb. That is the undoing of me and bowing my back, I come hard.  I am still breathing hard when Marc closes his warm mouth over mine. I can no longer taste whisky, but the sweet juices that had just gushed out of me.
“You are amazing Isabel.”
Having the need to touch him, I reach down, finding him hard and rigid. Fighting against the material of his briefs, I release him and I am able to wrap my fingers around. I can feel his erection pulsating against my palm and twitch when my thumb caresses the head of him. With a steady cadence of my hand; Marc groans. I want to be as attentive to him as he has been to me and share the glorious sensual connection we have. Soon the longing becomes too much for either of us, Marc desires release and I have an urgent need to feel him inside of me.
Taking my right hand, he holds it above me on the sofa and gently slides into me, which is made easier with my earlier orgasm. Hooking my legs over his shoulders means he can thrust deeper into me and it is only at that point I realise I still have my heels on. No matter, my body and mind is with this man in this moment. The velocity in which Marc moves in and out of me means we are both close to our impending orgasms. Feeling me tighten around him has the desired effect on Marc.
Panting heavily Marc calls “Come with me Isabel, please”
The noise from the both of us signals our joint climax.
Collapsing on top of me, spent and exhausted, Marc finally let’s go of my hand. My legs ache as I wearily drop them to his sides. Beads of sweat mingle as one as he lies outstretched across my body. In an attempt not to hurt me, Marc distributes his weight to one side.
After what seems like an eternity, Marc finally lifts his head and places a tender kiss upon my breasts. I shiver from both the touch of him and the cold that is now descending around us. Sliding out of me, Marc stands holding out a hand for me to take. No more words are exchanged until I’m enveloped in his warm arms and the comforting cover of his bed.
Kissing the top of my head, I hear Marc whisper for the second time just before sleep takes over us,
“You’re beautiful.”

Monday, 13 January 2014

Competition now open!!!

Morning all,

The competition mentioned here is now live!!


It is open internationally, so anyone can enter.


Just click on the link, go down to where it says 'Giveaway', click on the Rafflecopter link and enter there. :)


Good luck to all that enter. :)


Sunday, 12 January 2014


Hi All,


The lovely ladies at the Orchard Book Club are hosting a brand new giveaway!!




By entering the competition, readers get a chance to win a signed copy of AN ACUTE ATTRACTION!!


The competition is open to all and runs for 2 weeks!!



  Just click on the link below for more details. :))


  Competition entries


Good luck to all that enter!


A xxx


Attention Bloggers!!

Hi all,

I am making a list of bloggers who would like to receive ARC's of Book2 in The Attraction series, once it is complete.

 A Constant Attraction, will be ready to send out Spring/Summer 2014.

If you would like to be added to the list, please add your name & links below. Or you can always DM me on Twitter/Facebook.

Thank yoooooouu!!


Blog hop #1 2014

    Eek!! Well this is a first for me, however I seem to be having a lot of those this week, so I am up to the challenge!! So, thank you to the gorgeous Deb, a writer of words, poetry and musings for asking me to do this. So here we go!!

Q & A time!

1. If you could achieve anything with your writing in 2014, what would it be?

Ooo!! Ok! I think it would be to produce a novel. I have written a novella and am currently writing the 2nd one in the series, so I'd love to make this one a novel. After that, I would really like to branch out a bit & do a different style/genre of writing.

 2. What are the top 3 demons you must slay to achieve your goals in 2014?

Not getting enough sleep or should I say, pack in having the late nights is a definite must!! I do my best work in the mornings, but at a weekend, I do like my bed. 
I don't necessarily take things personally, but I have a tendency to take some stuff to heart. I don't mean comments about my writing, as I appreciate any feedback & constructive criticism. It's other things, I really need to not give most of it!
My last one, is making time for my kids and for me!

 3. Name three things that inspire you to write.

Past life experiences, new life experiences and music.

 4. What advice do you have to give a new writer who is considering writing fiction and/ or poetry?

 Ok. I used to write poetry when I was younger, but write mainly fiction now (sometimes dabbling in poetry every now & then). So from a writer of fiction I would say, don't be afraid to put some of yourself into a story. Whether that is in a main character or not. It could help make a book be more believable, so that the reader can relate more to the story. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help off people who you know will give you honest advice. It's hard work starting out, so you need that support.


Now this is the fun bit, tagging other folk...Ok let's see. I'd like to tag these great authors please...


Thursday, 9 January 2014

My 1st ever interview!!!

Arrrgghhh!! I may not be a virgin in other ways, but I most certainly am when it comes to interviews.

So when Paul from Self Publishing Showcase emailed me and asked if I would do one for them, I won't lie and say I was a bit apprehensive....more for the fact of I know how ditsy I can be sometimes.

I have interviewed other celebrities in the past, such as Ronan Keating (solo singer & Boyzone member), been on T.V. and I was petrified!! But to be on the other side, it is just as nerve racking....will I come across dull & boring? Will I come across ditsy?
You know how hard it is to put across a personality with just words, so yes I was worried.

However, like I did with the Ronan Keating interview I thought, come on Walters, you've got nothing to lose!!

Before I post the link to the interview, I want to tell you that there will be a few competitions coming up over the next month, where you have a chance of winning a signed copy of An Acute Attraction. So keep an eye out for more news on those as they happen.

Anyhoo!! Here we go...

Thank you guys. xxx

Saturday, 4 January 2014

A super-duper announcement!!

Hi all,

I am so pleased to announce that the story of Marc & Isabel, An Acute Attraction, is now available to buy in paperback from

I am so excited about this!! I do hope you enjoy your copy. It will be available from other outlets soon!

It was also announced on today, that I am in the Top 50 of authors!! I was quite taken aback by the news to be honest. So thank you to all who have helped to put me up there.

Have a wonderful weekend!

A xxx